miércoles, marzo 11

I could say that they all wanted us to be together, but that doesn't happen in real life. People who like each other usually stay together in TV or movies, not in real life, not in our reality. But I could also say that we were more than anybody thought we could ever be. We were more than two strangers talking to each other, more than a girl and a boy telling important or odd things to each other. We were more than two different human beings trying to discover new and interesting stuffs about the world. We were more than a girl almost in love and a boy hiding everything he felt. We were more than words, more than two names intertwined, much more than nouns and adjectives in a sentence together... And we were definitely much much more than I ever thought we could be. I've got to say we crossed a line we shouldn't have crossed, something that maybe ruined all we could've been... 'Cause we could've been more than we were, more than we could ever imagine. Maybe we were too different, or too similar.. I don't really know. All I know is people don't stay together in real life... and even though all of this seemed to be sometimes a twisted love story pulled up from a romantic sad movie, I know that in another world we both are happy together, performing a cute and corny couple in some american soap opera. 'Cause I'm completely sure that all we were in this world it's enough to put together a great love story in another life.

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