domingo, septiembre 28

Water is an emotional element. People with a water personality stay inside themselves and do not trust people very much. They watch every move others make. Pale shades of water show someone who wants everything in order. Their closet is immaculate. As water moves to the deeper end of the element, it becomes more moody and shows it. People who are the element frequently use their emotions to make decisions. They are also easily affected by the moods of those around them. They sometimes expect you to feel down whenever they are. Showing signs of co-dependency, they need you to be by their side experiencing their feelings.
Gracias, así soy. Si las cosas se me aclaran... por favor, aunque sea una sola puta señal, ¡la necesito!... Díganme si esto es serio o si es otro de los ataques que dan cada cierto tiempo, díganme si esto es lo que de verdad "es" y no otro caprichito mensual... Agh... oriéntenme porque yo ya no sé qué hacer... Y por ahora sólo haré "nada"... NADA.

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